How did I get here?
First, I was born.  No, wait, that's too far back. 

A very long time ago I was a scrapbooker, bought some punches and tools, and made some scrapbooks about my dogs. Fast forward to 2016- {Wayne's World noises} and I wanted to make some cards for the Cancer Centers in my area.  I pulled out my CM ribbon punch, all the extra paper I had, and plain card bases,  and made super generic cards.  But I was so unsure of them that I kept them hidden for awhile until I ran into someone who turned me onto *stamps*!! (fancy ethereal noises) 

While I have many ideas, I cannot _art_.  I am not good with coloring, shading, drawing- all the "'ings" but Oh, I had ideas! When I discovered those non wood block stamps that were interesting and looked more like the cards *I* would make, I fell in love!  So, that's the very short version of how my love for card making planted me here.

What's going on currently?
So, I had been a Fun Stampers Journey coach, but we were informed (November 1, 2018) that FSJ was merging with Spellbinders® Paper Arts.  While this announcement came as a shock to us all, we're all making adjustments and I have great plans as I move forward!
I am continuing with the merged companies but I'll also be posting affiliate links so that you may purchase any items from projects that I might create!

I am also continuing to hold classes, make cards, and make, make, make gifts and gift baskets! Also showing off my wares at craft shows!!
I'm not the best at blogging, (I'm horrible at itbut I’ll try! (hopefully?)
To those of you who have ordered from me these past few years, I truly appreciate and thank you for your business.  I'm always looking for opportunities to share my love of paper crafting with others- so if you'd like to come to a class or see me at a craft show, or even join a monthly Spellbinders® club- just let me know!!

Frequently Asked Questions
None yet.    Really?   None?
Perhaps you could be the first?!?! Send me an email with your fancy questions!